Camera component on frontend doesn't work using Safari

My cameras work on the HA app and in google chrome. However, any implementation of the camera component is broken when I try to view it using Safari on macOS. I get a blue box with question mark. Doesn’t matter if it’s a static image or a true video feed, the camera doesn’t show.

I have the same problem since version 0.66. Any hints how to solve this?

Does anyone have the solution?
On Chrome it does work, so it seems Safari browser related?

I’m also having the same problem and haven’t been able to solve it

I found this issue on GitHub.

in Safari on macOS, Shift + Click on the page reload and the camera stream works. but once you reload the page or navigate off and back to it, the issue resurfaces.

@Klex1404, @squirtbrnr, @squirtbrnr, Did any of you ever figure this out? I think it may have something to do with iCloud. When I’m logged out of iCloud Safari seems to work to show videos. This is all bizarre as it had been working a couple months ago…

Nope, I still experience this with the latest 0.93.2. I rarely use the web interface in Safari but when I want to, it still gives me the question mark in a blue box. I mainly use the iOS app and that works fine. I’ve never been able to view the camera stream after clicking on it in safari. I thought it had something to do with viewing an HTTP stream through an HTTPS webpage. Similar to how panel iframe doesn’t work when using SSL in HA, but I’ve never bothered looking into since I’ve pretty much only ever used HA with SSL.

Anyone ever found out how to fix this? I have the same issue and it would be great to have this working.

It’s an Apple/Safari issue. If you download the Safari Technology Preview from Apple and use that, there’s no issue. But the version of Safari packaged with macOS just doesn’t allow popups with videos/images in it.