Camera configuration - MJPEG

I have two MJPEG cameras configured in my cameras.yaml file.

The first camera (logitech) runs fine. The second camera Wansview streams to my browser with the following:

But I receive an error loading image in the camera frame for the Wansview. Is there something in the configuration string that would parsed out in the loading process? I was assuming if I can stream it in the browser it should run in the Generic MJPEG.
Thanks for any insight into this issue.

Have you tried just using the entire url as the link in the config file without using the username and password parameters? That how my generic foscam clone works. Almost identical link as yours, without the chn=0 part

camera 3:
  platform: generic
  name: back yard

I have tried that iteration but thanks for the reply. Somehow it must choke on the chn or the mjpeg string following the IP address. I’ve got both cameras running on an third party app on my iPhone without any problems.