Camera - connect to backend stream only if stream requested via UI

Hi All,

Having a camera configured, i.e. Generic one, the moment it is added to configuration and HA restarted, it opens the stream and starts pulling.
Question is how to avoid this, as I’d want to have HA connecting to camera stream only if stream from this camera is requested via UI.

Underlying problems:

  1. Camera has only 2 HD streams, one is always used by Frigate and second is to be used for on demand WebRTC. Unfortunately the moment generic camera is added, it uses this second stream which prohibits to use WebRTC.
  2. Why to pump unnecessary data (already receiving same feed to Frigate).

I’ve tried to use still image option, hoping that it is the thing, but no, it didn’t help.

I’m newbie, hence maybe missing some basic detail though did run a lot of tests disabling entities, reading docs, etc. and couldn’t find the right information for me on how to achieve on-demand connection to the stream.


Just curious, what are you trying to accomplish with this generic camera stream that the RTMP restream from frigate isn’t able to accomplish?