Camera - ffmpeg

I have a weired issue with my rtsp camera. The camera was running perfectly without any issue in HA, then I moved to a new flat and didn’t setup it directly. Yesterday I started to setup, but it was not working, I then double checked with VLC player and there it’s fine. I just changed the IP address of the camera nothing more, because the HA instance is running behind a firewall and the camera is in another subnet. Config is like this:
- platform: ffmpeg
input: rtsp://
extra_arguments: -pred 1 -q:v 2
name: Buero Aussen Ansicht
ffmpeg_bin: /usr/bin/ffmpeg

I can noz really image that the firewall is the problem, as it works with VLC.

Any more details? No image? Config errors?

Sorry, I completely forgot to mention was the issue is. there’s no config error, just timeout reading image.