Camera for Facial Recognition

I am using HA for an alarm system at a site and now that facial recognition is an option, I’d like to setup a camera to determine if the person that just entered the building is friend or foe.

What camera would work best for this?
What about putting a camera outside at the door and if the face is recognized I could do a door unlock? Is this doable?

It is doable, but please be aware of false positives. Any outdoor camera with decent resolution can do the job as long it can be integrated with HA. Both Hikvision and Amcrest cameras are supported. Also, generic Onvif cameras are supported.

I bought an amcrest camera and got my security stuff setup. I’m confused on how to do the facial recognition? How can I tell the camera to take a picture and then send it off to be tested?

You can use any of the Image Processing components.