Camera image not showing in notifications from nest doorbell

I have a nest doorbell integrated with home assistant. I’ve set up notifications according to the nest integration page.
Most of the time instead of an image it shows 404 in the notification. Every now and then the image shows though.
If I go to the media browser all media from the camera is there.
Why does the media sometimes not show in the notification?
Four notifications, two with working media:

Notification with non-working media, expanded:

Working notification (expanded):

All media is available in media browser:

I have exact same problem. Did you find a solution for this?

@allenporter do you know solution for this?

No, i haven’t really seen this. I am thinking about doing some more investing in notifications and attachments now that calendar is wrapping up, but haven’t been looking at this closely.

Thanks, let me know if I can help testing it

I didn’t mean to give the impression that I would be able to diagnose this specific issue. I have no idea why the images can’t be loaded as i haven’t seen this problem before. (e.g. what response code is 404? no idea where that comes from)

@Teemu_Pekkanen @PunxsutawneyPhil Suggest you add 30 second delay before sending notification to see if it resolves the issue, once confirmed you can reduce the delay to lowest number still working.

I also have this problem. Even when trying to call it manually using the development tools with the device ID and event ID provided it still shows a 404 error. This is copied directly from the documentation, but with hardcoded values from a previously failed execution.

service: notify.mobile_app_iphone_57
  message: >-
    Device ID: 34bf6f2934862c9638f6f3ace8125419 Event ID:
  title: Der er set en person fra dørklokke kamera! (TEST)
    image: >-
    video: >-

I will try but dont think delay is the case. I think that some of the events doesn’t show up in the nest folder.

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That’s also what I’ve noticed, only like 1 out of 3 events show up in the nest folder, but the problem also seems to be that sometimes the media is not saved yet when trying to attach it to a notification

I have been searching to find out to get a snapshot notification to my iPhone when the Nest doorbell is pressed.
I could make it to send a notification for my iPhone that (somebody at the door) but not able to get a snapshot yet. Do you have a solution ?

This is in my yard file

alias: Send Nest Doorbell Snapshot
description: “”

  • platform: device
    device_id: ae9616dff9ab2b7e3dc9b96a4822cf62
    domain: nest
    type: doorbell_chime
  • service: camera.snapshot
    filename: /config/www/doorbell/snapshot.jpeg
    - camera.front_camera
  • service: notify.mobile_app_ihsan_iphone_10
    message: "Somebody at the front door "