Camera live view image scale problem

I have updated recently HA to latest version, and I regret it (i’ll skip matter of changing structure for mqtt sensors in files…)…

I had working camera from octoprint (MJPEG stream), after update picture-glance (and live-preview) started showing only one last “frame” after update, restarting, recreating ha container didn’t helped, (updating octoprint didn’t changed anything)…

Finally I created new one mjepg camera with different name using “add integration” , it started working (ofc after changing entities in card).

But when I click on picture-glance like always to see “real time preview”, the live preview from camera is “dumbly” fit-to-width-of-window :expressionless: ,so for stream resolution 640x480 it get “up-scaled” (zoom up) to 1711x1283px (according to inspector from WebDev tools, FIY: I have 24" 1920x1200px monitor - so this really look dumb). To see lower part of stream I have to scroll down :angry:

Previously (I think) it was stretched too a bit, but at least it was fitted to HEIGHT :bangbang: (and width) of this dialog (info-dialog?).

Is there any way to fix-it, so the preview “fit” the dialog on height too?

Disabling this style fix it:

(If I’d know how to do it permanently :confused: )

I can drop this as issue on github, but I’m not sure on which repo I should do it ( home-assistant/frontend ?) .