Camera.mjpeg component + dynamic url using MQTT

I have recently started to use the Wallpanel Android app. Wallpanel Repo

The app has a camera streaming capability and works well with the camera.mjpeg component.

The drawback is that if the tablet is restarted it may obtain a new IP address.
As Wallpanel also has MQTT capabilities, I was wondering if it would be possible for the app to update the mjpeg_url somehow?

If it is how would I go about that?


Maybe one solution might be to pass mjpeg_url a shortcut, and then have a script update that shortcut/alias with the new redirect IP address on MQTT publish update?

Wouldn’t be easier to just assign a static IP to your device and a lot less complex than what you suggest. You can achieve this with most routers.

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Thanks, but static IP is the obvious choice, but not practical for me in this case.

@nodinosaur May I ask why it isn’t practical? As that would be the easiest way to do it. I do not want to sound like a ****, I just wonder why one wouldn’t prefer assigning a static IP (and learn from it ofc).

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Just my use case, being a dev I often borrow different devices and I don’t want to keep setting static IPs for each of them and then configure Home Assistant and restart, etc.

I was hoping for a way that I could MQTT to edit a particular configuration or shortcut and was thinking that this could in fact be possible.

Imagine a scenario where you could just turn on any of your old devices and have them auto register on HA and start streaming a camera whenever you needed without having to do lots of configuration beforehand? Might be useful

Ah I see, yeah well only thing I can think of that would work is mqtt as you said yourself. However, you could tie mac addresses to different ip’s in your router. (This is still setting up a static IP, but doing this on the router side won’t mess up the cameras when they are moved to another router/location) when you set static ip addresses on the devices themselves it will probably not connect when you give them back.

I know it is a bit of setting up, but it should be a one time only thing.