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Camera modules for ESP8266 / 32


Has anyone gone down the route of DIY cameras for HA ?

I’d like to get something to monitor the outside of my house - housing of the camera etc won’t be an issue, but I wondered if anyone has used ESPs for this purpose ?

There seems to be multiple camera modules on the market, so i’m not sure what to go for - something with IR would be ideal, given they would be in the dark sometimes…

Any thoughts ?

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Not done it with esp, but this path is well trodden with rpi, and can be quite cheap using a pi zero w.



Thanks, i’ve ended up getting a couple of pi cameras to play around with… hopefully those + MotioneyeOS will do the job :slight_smile:



Have you seen the esp32 camera support added to esphome? I really want to try this just not sure which one to get that won’t overheat.



I’ll let you know if my one overheats, but the esphome docs only refer to the m5stack board overheating.



Which one did you get?



I have not managed to get it flashed yet using an FT232 adator, but i will try a CP2102 adaptor tonight.



Update: I have successfully flashed using a CP2102 adaptor and the camera is up and running, although as noted in the esphome docs, it requires HA 0.91 - I am not normally a beta user but I painlessly updated to 0.91.0b5.

The device I purchased on Aliexpress (see my last post for the link) works with the AiThinker setup from the esphome docs. https://esphome.io/components/esp32_camera.html

I have not tried any other resolutions or anything. The wifi signal strength is lowish at around -66dB, but there is facility for an external antenna. The device is currently within 2-3 ft of the AP.

My all round good time with esphome is now even better.

EDIT: It is bloody fiddly attaching the camera to the board! Tweezers and watchmakers glasses for us old folks.

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thanks for the update. I’d love to build my own esp cam doorbell. I’m sure this isn’t too far off!




I followed this video for a start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36p9To2hfak
and also this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCQoOZNdaGY&t=2s

Great bell and video.



There is solder pad for selecting pcb or external antenna. Likely yours is set to external? Esp32 usually has good range with pcb antenna.