Camera Motion Zones [SOLVED]

Is there a way to create ‘motion zones’ for generic IP cameras within HA without having to install 3rd party applications?

I can also feed the Camera’s from Synology Surveillance Station which I can set zones but don’t think this feeds through to HA.
(also, the switches for the Synology Camera’s don’t work, think I need to change the user permissions)

On another note, I don’t mind installing 3rd party software if it isn’t’ over kill.

Had to remove the above as the motion now works - but camera feed doesn’t! :man_facepalming:

I know this is old, but have you found ANY other solutions? Im looking to add a sonos alarm for proximity based motion events based on unifi motion zones or perhaps creating a new set just for home assistant. Can find almost nothing on the subject. Nothing useful anyway.