Camera not working on one device?


I have added a new HikVision camera (DS-2CD2386G2-ISU/SL) to my home.

Everything works fine, I have my 4 camera’s showing up and time is adapted every second.

But, this works fine only on my android phone and my computer (also wifi)…not on my tablet !

On my tablet (a Samsung Tab 8) the picture of the new camera is frozen ? Sometimes I see an error on the dashboard : ‘Error starting stream : see logs for details (Stream never started)’.

All devices are on wifi and are next to each other.

Any idea ?

Hardly an HA issue, start with looking at the “Browser” end, using same browser/browser setting ?, connected to same wifi( i.e 5ghz vs 2.4ghz) signal strength etc etc

Phone and tablet are next to each other and connected to the same Wifi (2.4Ghz).

And both are working with the HA app (no browser).

The strange thing is that sometimes it works fine, but mostly not… And now that it is working, I see that the time on the tablet is 10 seconds behind compared to my phone ??

Home assistant android app is using Android webview which is a system dependency.

Can you compare android webview app versions in both devices?

Both have the same version : 108.0.5359.128

Cleaned cache, but nothing changes…

Connect ur pc, phone and tablet to 5.0ghz,… as ur cam(s) and almost all “minor” wifi device connected ,plugs, switches, lights etc. uses 2.4ghz , if there is just 1 of these which only connects to ur router with 802.11g(g) thats what u get too/from all device on 2.4 ghz, not (.n) and definitivt not ( .ac), you’ll never get higher through-put than the slowest connected/communicating device, either caused by it’s technical-spec or interferens etc, a wifi receiver/transmitter(router), can’t/don’t chose, if there is a “slow” device that’s what define the “level/speed” and in the end signal strength
PS: And trying to view a 4K stream under these circumstances , and on several devices at the same time, doomed to lack and hack

After a lot of testing, I think it’s a hardware/software problem on that tablet…

Even when switching to 5Ghz and switching off my phone & laptop, it only works with the non-live version (new picture each 10 seconds).

What I also don’t understand: when executed I even get better speed on the tablet than on my phone/laptop, so it should work on that tablet !?

Pfff… :sob:

I gave up on attempting to use my 5 camera directly via ethernet IP of the camera. They all are managed by Blue Iris and I snag the live images there, so far this seems to work but every once in a while one camera will freeze/go black and take around 20 seconds to return, troubleshooting that now.

Meanwhile I found the problem : the tablet has a wifi problem.

I only get 263 Mbps on the 5Ghz band…

So the tablet will be returned to repair :grinning: