Camera NVR Hiseeu to HASS

Hi all,

I already done to integrate my Ezviz camera using generic code but with my nvr kit from Aliexpress i don’t :confused:

This kit have his own wifi box and 4 camera automaticly connecting with it.
I can use direct view on my TV or by the cloud.

I’m trying different solution with Ispy, onvif, motioneye, agentDVR but nothing and now my brain is broken :confused:

Model :

K8208-W (More details here

And some pics from the NVR software

Yesterday nigth, i trieed this code on configuration.yaml. This is what i found in a other other topic here :

platform: generic
name: cam2
stream_source: « http://IP.from.NVR:80/cgi-bin/sp.cgi?chn=3&u=XXX&p=XXX »
still_image_url: « http://IP.from.NVR:80/cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?chn=3&u=XXX&p=XXX »
authentication: basic
verify_ssl: false

The little beginning of a good news that i have the snapshot but if i click to see video i’ve got a message concerning bad MIME and a statut standby.

Thanks for your help.

A part of solution but not complet…

If i use this url to VLC it’s working with a very bad rate…

I tried it to motioneye but the same, very bad rate :confused: