Camera: Record service with Aqara G2H

I got my G2H camera setup with HomeKit Controller, streaming (to Chromecast) and motion detection works fine. However, I thought it would be great to start recording when motion is detected. I tried to follow this guide, but when I tried to use Developer Tools and Call Service, it says:

Failed to call service camera.record. camera.camera_hub_g2h does not support record service

I’m new to Home Assistant, so I’d like to hear some advice / directions. I am assuming I have a few options:

  1. Add some kind of “integration/add-on” that can expose a Camera: Record service by using the stream from HomeKit Camera
  2. Fix my configuration? (Maybe I could configure G2H to work with Camera: Record?)
  3. Script the entire thing? (No idea where to start)

If anyone knows any “integration”, configuration or scripting this, please help me out, thanks in advance (point me in the right direction).

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I’m at the exact same junction. Will keep an eye on this thread.