Camera refresh rate with MJPEG IP CAMERA integration

Hi ,

in HA OS version 0.113.3 , I have configured/integrated a DLINK 942 camera which is displayed on the UI using Picture_Entity card , but the display of the camera is refreshed only every 10 seconds.

I would like to have a refresh rate of 1s or 2s but there is no parameter to setup the refresh rate in the MJPEG IP CAMERA documentation …

Is there a somewhere a solution available for this expected behavior ?

Configuration/integration MJPEG Camera

- platform: mjpeg
  name: Dlink942
  username: !secret username_dlink942
  password: !secret password_dlink942
  mjpeg_url: http://username:[email protected]:1082/video/mjpg.cgi
  verify_ssl: false

Thank you