[Camera] RTSP Streams crashing with HASS.IO on Docker


So i upgraded my Hass.io from a raspberry pi to an Ubuntu 18.x server.
On ubuntu I am running the latest version of hass.io on docker.

However, hass is crashing every 1/2 minutes as soon i open a camera stream. The configuration files are the same as the raspberry pi. On the pi I didnt have any problems for moths.

Is this a known issue?
I have setup 2 Xiaomi camera’s (Fang and Dafang)

On the error log i cannot really see any information…

I just loaded the new synology package for HASS.IO and I think I am seeing the same. I switched from regular HA to HASS.IO.

I had a similar experience with streams. I gave up on them in the end. I was never able to find anything meaningful in the logs.
I use unraid has my host os for docker. One machine is an i7 and the other a Xeon. Both machine barely working to run HA.

I think I did have some luck running home assistant (not hassio) in a docker on the same host with nothing but the camera streams. I didn’t test this thoroughly as I didn’t have time but it didn’t appear to crash HA in the short time I had it running.

It worked fine for me running HA in docker on the same synology machine. Seems like its an hass.io bug

Yes I also ran home assistant in a virtual invoirment and I didn’t have any problems… however the problem for me was de add-on intergration why I switched back to hassio.

It is indeed a bug in hassio… the big question is were to start…

Is it the stream component or any camera in general?

I have only ever had issue with the stream component. I have defaulted back to mjpeg for the cameras in Hass.io

Same for me, ended up giving up on stream entirely

Switched to mjpeg and much better. In fact much faster and consistent then the stream component

The problem is that the xiomi cameras don’t support mjpeg devices. Only rtsp right ?

Did you check ispy for your model?


is there a dev which might look into this issue? I see many topics about the issue with Docker and HASSIO installed.

Can confirm same here. Debian server on NUC i3, Docker, Hass.io v0.98.4 - Streams were previously working, now do not. :frowning:

This issue has been resolved in Hass.io v0.98.5 :slight_smile: