Camera Skipping - Tapo C120

Greetings, recently I added a C120 camera to Home Assistant, and though the video displays it skips all over the place - stops, stutters multiple seconds forward, stops, stutters, etc.

I’ve tried adding it through the HACS integration, RTSP, and ONVIF - all with the same result. If I open the RTSP stream in VLC it plays smoothly, as it does in the Tapo app. I have two other two Tapo cameras (the C110 and C320WS) that play smoothly in home assistant, currently via ONVIF which has been my preferred method.

Reading around it seems like others have used the C120 without issue, aside from some rectified firmware issues around ONVIF that have been resolved. Does anyone have any ideas why the feeds from this one particular camera seem to be an issue in Home Assistant only?

Running Home Assistant 2023.8.2, Frontend 20230802.0, on a Synology by way of docker.

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I have the same problem with tapo c120 running ffmpeg to a file.

Still no progress on this. I swapped out the camera with a fresh C120 as well to ensure it wasn’t a hardware issue, definitely software despite it again streaming fine to VLC. :man_shrugging: