Camera: UVC Question

I setup an NVR integration with the UVC platform. It shows in my lovelace config under a picture-entity card. However, when I click on the card, I get a popup with a [?] in it. I assumed this is supposed to be a stream, but I can’t figure out how it should know that.

I tested this by adding a platform: generic item:

 - platform: generic
    still_image_url: "http://<NVR IP>:7080/api/2.0/snapshot/camera/<Camera API>?force=true&apiKey=<NVR API>"
    stream_source: "rtsp://<NVR IP>:7447/<Camera API>"

This works and I get a picture preview in lovelace, I click it and the video plays. However, the state of the camera/ NVR is incorrect. In the UVC example, it shows State: Recording. In the generic one it says State: Idle.

I assume the right way to do this is with the UVC platform type, but I cannot get the video to play in the popup. I do not see an option in the config of how to define that parameter though. Am I missing something that would give the stream_source to the UVC platform?


Odd - I just realized if I open it in Chrome, the video does play in the secondary popup (as well as the PWA on my Android and the new Android app). I typically use Safari, so I’m not sure why the video works in the generic card, but not the uvc card.