Camera Widget api_password

It seems as though they have finally made api_password a breaking change in the most recent releases of (0.101.0)? If I leave the api_password section alone in my config.yaml, than the update to the most current version of fails, commenting out the section allows the update to work. Is api_password the only way to use the camera widget still or can we use tokens now? Here is my current non working camera config.


and dashboard config:

widget_type: camera
entity: camera.radar
entity_picture: http://x.x.x.x:8123/api/camera_proxy/camera.radar?api_password=xxxxxxxxxx
refresh: 900

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Hi jeremeyi, I have the same doubt as you. I see my cameras through HADashboard and you don’t want to lose this functionality. Any new ideas?

AppDaemon 4.0.0 is coming soon and there’s a camera widget, which I’m using now and it’s working fine!
If you don’t have a problem with beta versions (for me there were no bugs so far), there is a beta version available:

I also updated to 4.0.0 due to this, and while it is beta like @nicohirsch mentioned its stable enough to be used. Will now use the long lived token and I love that new feature of adding the option to view live feed instead of refresh intervals. The config will be simply something like this.

  widget_type: camera
  entity: camera.driveway
  refresh: 5


I got the same issue here and a bit of a newb. How do i update to 4.0 Beta?

I am running Rpi3 with latest HassIO / HASS 0.102


Hi all hoping someone can help i have kida got the camera stuff working but all i am getting is a square with a broken image icon

widget_type: camera
entity: camera.front_door
refresh: 5
- clock(2x1),binary_sensor.main_tv_status(2x1),binary_sensor.internet_connection(2x1)
- driveway_camera, switch.hallway,, switch.fishtank,reload
- scene.main_tv_off,scene.main_tv_on
- scene.7hd, scene.abc_kids, scene.abc_news, scene.food_network(2x1), scene.9hd, scene.10hd,, scene.channel_11
- media_player.living_room_speaker (2x2), media_player.maintv (2x2)

Also getting the same issue. Can someone please assist.

I just successfully used the widget

  widget_type: camera
  refresh: 0
  entity: camera.cameraname
  base_url: https://homeassistant.url:8123
  title: cameratitle

I`m using the ZoneMinder intergration, and it was broken after updating ZoneMinder, however after changing the password in zoneminder to the same password homeasssistant was using in the past everything is fine. (Zoneminder just needed to store the password again)

hi guys, what was the last version of Home Assistant where api_password still worked for accessing the camera feed directly?

anybody? nobody?