Camera widget not refreshing quickly

For the HA app on Android, there’s the camera widget. When I add it for a door bell camera I have, it’s essentially showing a static image that’s not refreshing. When I tap it with my finger, it does a refresh ONCE and then that’s it. Tapping it some more doesn’t refresh it again. It seems that only once some time has passed (30-60 mins?), I can force a refresh again by tapping the widget. But again, only once. Is the refresh rate limited somehow?

If I look into the camera card on my HA dashboard, it’s showing me a live picture and the camera itself is set to live-fresh mode.

Can you look at the companion app logs when you tap it multiple times to see if there is a failure?

Where should I look for the companion app logs specifically? Just go into HA and Settings->System->Logs?

Configuration > Companion App > show and share logs

Sorry for bringing up this old thread again.

I have a similar problem, ReoLink Camera in HA app, but the Android widget doesn’t update frequently. If I press on the widget, it refreshes, but then I have to wait for minutes for the next refresh.

If I check the log I see

01-22 16:55:02.995 10430 26881 E BLASTBufferQueue: VRI[SettingsActivity]#62 Faking releaseBufferCallback from transactionCompleteCallback

many many times.

Any idea?

Thanks, T

I have this behaviour when I connect trough Nabu Casa to a local IP camera at home. I figured Nabu Casa didn’t want to proxy the camera’s streaming data to keep the load down.

It updates about once an hour