Camera widget not refreshing quickly

For the HA app on Android, there’s the camera widget. When I add it for a door bell camera I have, it’s essentially showing a static image that’s not refreshing. When I tap it with my finger, it does a refresh ONCE and then that’s it. Tapping it some more doesn’t refresh it again. It seems that only once some time has passed (30-60 mins?), I can force a refresh again by tapping the widget. But again, only once. Is the refresh rate limited somehow?

If I look into the camera card on my HA dashboard, it’s showing me a live picture and the camera itself is set to live-fresh mode.

Can you look at the companion app logs when you tap it multiple times to see if there is a failure?

Where should I look for the companion app logs specifically? Just go into HA and Settings->System->Logs?

Configuration > Companion App > show and share logs

Sorry for bringing up this old thread again.

I have a similar problem, ReoLink Camera in HA app, but the Android widget doesn’t update frequently. If I press on the widget, it refreshes, but then I have to wait for minutes for the next refresh.

If I check the log I see

01-22 16:55:02.995 10430 26881 E BLASTBufferQueue: VRI[SettingsActivity]#62 Faking releaseBufferCallback from transactionCompleteCallback

many many times.

Any idea?

Thanks, T

I have this behaviour when I connect trough Nabu Casa to a local IP camera at home. I figured Nabu Casa didn’t want to proxy the camera’s streaming data to keep the load down.

It updates about once an hour

I appreciate it’s a rather old thread but just to double check - there is no way to adjust it on the user end is there?

unfortunately no, the value needs to be in the XML configuration file. You can simply tap on the widget to force it to update.

Hi I wanted to share my solution to this issue as this was one of the first threads I found.

Camera streams were smooth when viewing HA dashboards via laptop/browser and on my main Android mobile device. But the streams would not work correctly on a cheap Samsung Android tablet I bought to use for HA.

After extensive troubleshooting I concluded the cheap Samsung tablet just doesn’t have the power and/or memory to stream the full quality “main” stream from my Reolink cameras. Switching to the lower quality “sub” stream allowed the video to work.

TLDR; reduce the quality of the stream or use more powerful hardware.