Camera window size

I have multiple cameras in my home and I want to have them in a separate view in homeassistant. The cameras are all with different resolutions each (i am using old android devices and webcams) and I want them to be stacked in a nice way inside the view.
Is there a way to have each window with a specific size?

Sounds like you might be looking for the just added Camera Proxy component

This did not help me. I knew it wouldnt, but I tried anyway. All I want is to stack the cameras in the interface.
I just read my post and I didnt make clear what I really ask.
My problem is that right now the current view is stacking the cameras below each other. I want them side by side.
Here is what it looks like:

Try creating 2 groups with 2 cameras each, then create another group with the 2 groups you created.

here is the result :laughing::laughing::laughing:


  view: yes
  icon: mdi:cctv
    - group.cctvgrp

  name: Surveillance Cameras
  control: hidden
    - group.cctvgroup1
    - group.cctvgroup2

  control: hidden
    - camera.stairs
    - camera.entrance
  control: hidden

Because you are using a view, remove the first group, and place the 2 camera groups in the view.

YAY!! :clap::clap::clap:

That worked. Thank you!