Camera with MicroSD Access?

Hey Guys,

Is there an Outdoor Camera with Ethernet and a microSD Card where it will store the last X Hours (or however big the SD is) and I can access the stored Videos directly in Homeassistant ? (best case something like the Onvif In Browser Player where I can just go back)

Maybe this is possible with all Onvif Cameras but I dont have any experience with them.

Right now Im looking at the Reolink RLC-1010A with an 256 GB SD.

is there no information out here?

Hi, I don’t think it’s even possible to view recordings on a SD-card from an IP Cam anyway so equally impossible with HA.

okay :frowning:

the only thing I have found in regards to this is a comment made by user “leaskovski” on github for a tplink camera integration.

“Chucking my thoughts on this in as well. If this could open up recordings to be accessible via the “Media” interface in HA, similar to say how the reolink plugin works, that would be awesome!”

But in the Documentation of the Reolink Integration there is no mention of this so I dont really know what he means.

Reolink itself has documentation on how to view SD Card footage over their app:
So this means that the camera is capable of streaming this old footage over the network. I guess its just a question of wether they allow others to also use this capability (HA) and if the Devs implemented it yet.

I guess if the community does not know I might just get in contact with one of the devs of the integration hoping that they might now (I guess they run the cameras themselvs)