Camera with not fixed URL


I have a camera that give a RTMPS link on demand to stream for about 2 min.
On next request the URL will be updated.

For the moment i push the URL in MQTT.
But i don’t know how to use it in HA.

Is there a way to use a camera in lovelace with a changing URL? Any Idea ?

Changing URL? I might believe changing IP, but changing URL- I would need to see a before and after
URL to understand this.

So i have check again my logs and you are right only vhost is changing , so IP is changing


I have no direct stream on the camera device, i need to ask the cloud for a RTMPS stream.

You didn’t say “cloud” in your original post.
I can’t help you with cloud devices since I have none here.

What cameras do you have? How do you know there is no direct stream from the camera?

This is a somfy indoor camera Somfy Indoor Camera | La Boutique Somfy

Homekit compatible, but stream is not working in HA.
Can launch stream via API and get an RTMPS url from the Cloud.

Going with an extreme idea;

  • get the url with a rest call and save it on an template based sensor
  • create a generic camera using the template sensor
  • reload the generic camera entity when there is a change on url (i believe it will not refresh itself when url has changed)

Have you seen the Home Assistant Integration for Somfy?

Yes it need a tahoma box that i don.t have.

Here the need is to have a camera entity with an url that i can update on the fly.
I sas webrtc camera too, but i have not such a feature.

I have several Wyze camera’s around my house. Not one of them is on the cloud. There is a binary from Wyse that you can flash to the cameras that provides RTSP from the cameras that Home Assistant can display.

Can you help me to try this ?
i have a MQTT sensor sensor.camera_url containing my RTMPS url.

On Generic Camera - Home Assistant I don’t understand what I need to put in
Stream Source

Can be a template.

Ok but a sensor template or an image template ?

When I try to add an integration with a sensor template I have the error :

Relative URLs are not allowed

Put something like this

{{ states("sensor.garage_stream_url") }}
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Let me know if the camera would be refreshed when the sensor value would be updated, interested to learn

I need to wait a bit or refresh the device integration to update quickly.

People really still use stuff from that manufacture after all that constant failures they delivered over the years? Latest and greatest fail that was disclosed 2 weeks ago :point_down:

Why using a wifi password at all @stevemann? You can just use a un-encrypted wifi so you can connect your devices without passwords :wink:

I have five Wyse cameras, never a single failure. All of my cameras are NOT on the cloud. I don’t even have a Wyze account.

Did I ever say that I don’t use passwords? I simply stated the fact that api: and ota: work without passwords. I only have one device in my house (HVAC thermostats) that is connected to a corporate cloud, and that’s because I have not found a suitable local replacement.