Cameras lovelace



i have a camera card in lovelace working, but when i click the camera image,it should display the stream, but it doesnt do anything
while in non lovelace mode, its working

any idea?

  - type: picture-entity
    title: Eetkamer
    entity: camera.eetkamer
    camera_image: camera.eetkamer
    show_info: true
    tap_action: dialog


What camera are you using? What is in your configuration.yaml for the camera?


Try removing the show_info and tap_action.


ok removing tap_action did the trick
platform was synology cameras btw



This thread helped me accomplish what I wanted, which was just to display the image from a camera. Just wanted to let you know that you didn’t need the ‘camera_image’ in there either. It automatically uses the image from the camera if the entity is a camera entity.