Camper RV monitoring solution

Looking for some ideas. I would like to monitor AC power and Temp in my RV. Looking for the best and cheapest way to do this. My goal is to send a text alert if power goes out or if temp is to high.
I was thinking about a Rasp Pi with a UPS and some type of temp sensor. I was also wondering if all I really needed was a smart things hub.

I actually am starting on a GMC RV project so I’m interested in the same I can share all I know

Here is what I thinking…

Homeassistant installed on a Pi.
Small smart UPS to run the Pi and Hotspot.
Temp sensors for camper and refrigerator.

Setup automatons to ping all temp sensors. If no temp sensors are pinging = no power. Everything will be ran via wifi to save $$. This is about as cheap as it gets i think.

Another option would be to install HA on an old laptop (with a good battery). This would save the cost of the UPS and pi, but would consume more power.

so ive been writing things down a lot and im a huge techie. as far as power monitoring i was thinking an ampere sensor for DC and some cheap wifi plugs that can be re flashed with power monitoring for AC.

I have a ton of Pis and esp32s but my rv is my work as well I have a large 3D Printer a 20 core server running my media and things like as well as all my CAD software. so im looking at a lot of different things haha Ill probably put home assistant on my server as opposed to a pi even tho i love my pis. my inverter acts as a sure power charger and switches if the power gets unplugged so fast the server doesn’t skip a beat haha