Can a condition be a variable or something similar?

I use a specific integration that, from time to time and for mysterious reasons, keeps changing the names of entities by adding a number at the end (-1 then -2, etc etc). As I have numerous automations using that integration, it takes time to correct each of these automations.
If I could use something like a variable then I use that variable in the automation and only need to change the variable instead of all the automations.
One of my problems is that I don’t really know how to use variables in HA. Before Ha I was using IoX of Universal Devices and knew how to use variables. With HA I need guidance.

This means that new entities are being created before old entities with the same name have been deleted. Something wrong there. What’s the integration?

Jewish Calendar Integration. It seems to update by itself and create the same entitties but with a new number at the end.

That doesn’t sound right - most integrations create a set of entities when you first install them, then update them. They normally only add new entities when you add a new device. You’re not running it twice are you? I don’t know if that’s even possible.

I agree with your analysis and (I double checked) it is not installed twice. I will try contact the developer.