Can a single automation be running more than once at a time?

I am having an issue with an automation and i think i may know why.

Basically this automation does two things:

  1. Repeatedly notify my phone every 15 minutes about X until I confirm the notification (via mobile_app_notification_action)
  2. Handle the mobile_app_notification_action processing

So basically for this to work as a single automation i would need to use trigger ids, and i think i have everything setup correctly.

But for it to work the automation would be activity running (doing the “while” loop waiting for me to finally accept the notification), while allowing the same automation to execute again when I press the button.

So essentially the question is can an automation execute if the exact same automation is currently executing?


Yes, see

That did it!

Thank You! I googled it but i was searching for the wrong terms.

While you have found a solution, you might find this scenario of punctual notifications is better handled by a Home Assistant Alert. Worth checking out anyway.