Can a Supervisor update boost overall system performance (+ 100 %)?

I think it鈥檚 the first topic of that kind I started over the years - today not an issue, only intensive wondering :slight_smile:

I鈥檓 running HA OS (10.5) on a Pi 4. During the last days I discovered, that load and disk intensive tasks take significantly less time to complete. The overall performance is stunning, never seen that before. E. g.:

  • running SAMBA backup (default, nightly): earlier 35 minutes, now 17 minutes
  • running SAMBA backup for InfluxDB addon only (weekly): earlier 3 hours, now 1.5 hours
  • edit/update (2023-12-24): I also noticed restarting HA Core now only takes roughly 3 instead of formerly 7 minutes (but that鈥檚 the case already for a bit longer, roughyl 2023-11-19)

That makes a decrease of 50 %, in other words: those tasks are now twice as fast as before. Even issues (like huge backups not copied to remote storages like seen in Backups with size of ~ 4 GB not copied to remote SAMBA share (SAMBA backup fails) 路 Issue #161 路 thomasmauerer/hassio-addons 路 GitHub) don鈥檛 exist anymore (as they hit some magic value in terms of time, probably not size). It鈥檚 awesome!

I checked when at what changed and only discovered:

  • it improved on 19th of December
  • only thing changed at that time was supervisor, updating from 2023.11.x to current 2023.12.0

Here鈥檚 the fact: below the supervisor update entity, above the Samba backup active durations (cyan color) which roughly halved:

I did not upgrade storage or other hardware things, there was no restart of HA Core (last restart: 2023-12-12) or the host (last reboot: 2023-12-10).

Finally the questions:

Is this possible?
Can a Supervisor update boost overall system performance in such a dramatic way?

I checked Release 2023.12.0 路 home-assistant/supervisor 路 GitHub and couldn鈥檛 find anything which would allow such a performance boost in the release notes.

Check your backups by opening them up with a zip program.
Sometimes it fails and then you will end up with a backup that are missing important parts.

Good idea.

  1. SAMBA backup addon logs look fine, Supervisor logs at /config/logs and /hassio/system unfortunately only go back a few hours so I can鈥檛 check the time of backup creation.

  2. The SAMBA backup addon has a mechanism to discover if a backup finished successfully or if it failed. Everything fine. E. g.

  3. I also checked some backups: file size OK (normal), integrity fine (no error on open), extracted them, checked size of extracted content and number of files - everything fine.

So unless there鈥檚 a technical way to check the integrity of snapshots, based on those 3 indicators above I tend to say: backups are fine :white_check_mark:

Unfortunately it鈥檚 still unclear what improved that speed that much.

When I read

and specifically

  • #4843 Significantly speed up creating backups with isal via zlib-fast @bdraco

I thought 鈥渢his could be the reason!鈥.

But: Supervisor 2024.1.1 has only been shipped/installed yesterday, performance boost discovered already in 12/2023鈥

OK that (Supervisor 2024.2 update / Significantly speed up creating backups with isal via zlib-fast by bdraco 路 Pull Request #4843 路 home-assistant/supervisor 路 GitHub) did once again increase speed and lowered backup creation time:

  • daily backups: nothing to maybe 2 minutes (8 to 10 instead of 10 to 12 minutes)
  • InfluxDB backups: roughly 42 % faster (compared first 2024.2 run with last 2024.1 run)

But still the miracle for the initial performance boost is kind of unsolved鈥 put my bets still on the Supervisor.