Can a volume slider on Homebridge?

Is it possible to add a slider for volume from my Harmony Hub into HA and is it possible to import it into Homebridge to be controlled via HomeKit as a slider?

@Corey_Maxim Yes and no. You can’t add a slider from Harmony, but if your device is something like Sonos or a networked receiver that’s compatible with HA then yes.

As for importing into HomeKit, this is not currently possible. I suspect it will come at some point now that Apple is adding media players (finally!) and there’s some recent work on native HomeKit component with HA.

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Can a slider be added into HA using the volume slider? I have tried and failed.

I actually like the LoveLace interface better anyway.

I’m hopeful I can figure out a way to take my old iPad 2 and jailbreak it so I can update the browser to show the UI properly and wall mount it for better control for the family.