Can access HA but can't login through my company Proxy

Hello Everyone,
I’m just starting with HA, so I may ask stupid basic questions, sorry in advance…
I installed HA 0.116.4 on my Rpi4 (Buster / Hassio).
I have a weird problem, that may be connected to my company proxy, but not sure…
When I connect to my HA through my phone, I can login with no pb. But when I dou it with my laptop from my company network, I can connect to the login page, I enter my login and password and then I get an error: “Error: Something went wrong”
Any idea of what I could do?

If that you masked is your internal IP (192…) then it’s not something you need to be secretive about.
It’s harmless.

No it’s my external address…

In that case we have similar issues.
I can’t even connect to my external IP from work

That’s exactly what’s weird, I can connect to the login page, but can’t log in… I’m not a network expert, so feel free to tell me if I’m wrong, but if it was a proxy /antivirus issue, I wouldn’t be able to connect at all, no?

Don’t know.
I can’t even connect using the work laptop on a mobile network.
So there is something “installed” that is doing it.

Its not that simple and depends on a whole range of things e.g. is it a proxy? what type of proxy? is it a web app firewall? what content filtering is in place? do they only allow http/https on standard ports?

If have access to dev tools in your browser you can look at what they traffic is doing. It’s really a question for your IT department if you can ask them.

Following your recommendation, I opened the developer tools tab to identify any potential error. Nothing seemed to be wrong, and it finally went through without error… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Very weird… I’ll try again later…

You should forward port 443 (external) to port 8123 (internal) on your router, and then access it through https://your.public.ip/
It would not surprise me if the proxy blocked 8123 (as it is not a ‘normal’ web port).
Also clear cache :wink:

And the proxy needs to allow Websockets, which is often heavily restricted (for obvious reasons).

Hello. Coming back with my problem that went away for a while, and seems to be back today… Very weird… Here are the errors I get when I try to log in. Any idea of what is wrong?