Can an Olimex Bluetooth Proxy LAN PoE be configured to do anything else?

I purchased an Olimex Bluetooth Proxy LAN PoE with the idea that it could help me connect some of my Switchbot sensors that are further away from the hub connected to Home Assistant, but I was wrong. I thought about using it as a presence sensor, but I have it located and connected via PoE that it wouldn’t really do much for me.

So, I was curious if this board could be configured to do anything else. Mind you, I’m not comfortable sawdering on cables or connectors. Does it have enough storage o memory to do anything else?


Depending on which SwitchBot sensors you have you could also put OpenMQTTGateway on it to receive these sensors’ statuses, as well as using it for detecting compatible device trackers for home/away presence status, and receiving other BLE sensors.

Best to look on the upload site for the most suitable Olimex binary to upload - likely esp32-olimex-gtw-ble-eth

Hope this helps

It can, but the BT proxy takes over 50% of the resources, so lighter tasks like environment sensors are OK, but something like a voice assistant isn’t.