Can Android TVs or Sonos Speakers be used as a microphone for Home Assistant Assist (not using Google Assistant)?

My HA system is not located on the same floor where we would use voice commands the most.

As I haven’t found any network microphones, and don’t want to have a system (even a Pi or an ESP-BOX) I was hoping perhaps I could use the built-in mic on my Sony Bravia (Android) TV or my Sonos Arc to use the “Assist” feature in HA. I can, of course, use the Google Assistant integration with HA, but I’d rather skip that and do it all on the LAN.




Nice idea ! Inhale the same a few minutes ago.
Idea will be to freely can use the new feature “wake up word” awaken by my freshly buyed sonos arc. Think that a new Version of the intégration will do.