Can anybody help me with a rest command & script?

Hello, I decided to try Bespoken. This allow you to send commands to your alexa device, not like the TTS (Simon Says) but to actually start a skill. Im trying to figure out how to start my car with the MyChevy skill.
I was successful from the bespoken web page, but im not sure how to set it up here.
There was another post about using a rest command so I set this up.


    url:"{{ message }}"&user_id=**alexa-bbbbbbbb-9999-4444-aaaa-bbbbbbbbbbb'**

And this is the working test on the bespoken site.

- test: Start My Car, Starts Car
- "alexa, ask chevy to start my car": "what's your pin"
- "1234": "ok"

The first set of “” is what I ask alexa to start the skill, the second “” is what I expect her to respond.
then i say my pin and she responds.

It says it uses YAML, but it makes no sense to me.So if anybody has any ideas I really would appreciate it.

Thanks guys!