Can Aqara window/door sensors be open most of the time?

I’m using Aqara door sensor for my bathroom automation. Basically, the door closed and light won’t turn off when someone is in the shower and motion sensor doesn’t detect motion. But it means the sensor almost always reports open state. Recently, I’ve found out in the logs that HA can’t connect to gateway. Is it something to worry? I don’t have problems yet but who knows. Also, my Aqara door sensor for entrance door doesn’t report these messages but they are closed by default.

Whenever i get those its normally an indication of low battery.

The sensor is new (1 month old) but I will try changing the battery.

I’ve changed the battery for new one and after one day, I’ve received the same error.

How far away is it from the hub? try pressing the button/pinbutton on the sensor to see if the hub talks (in chinese, saying something along the lines that it can communicate with the device)

It’s about 5 metres away from Gateway. Some other Xiaomi sensor are even further. When I pressed the button, the gateway said something in Chinese.

so the distance isn’t an issue.

do you have lots of things on 2.5Ghz wifi? (lots being a very subjective word).
or bluetooth?

There might be lots of devices, but then again why would only this specific sensor have problems and not other sensors or even gateway?

no idea - just suggestions.