Can assess thru my laptop but not phone

i use AiO installation. and i can access my pi3 via web.

now i open my andriod phone and use the app, it just keeps tell me invalid ha server

i am very new to this. should be a noob problem :stuck_out_tongue: but i cant find similar topic.

Is your phone on your WiFi or a cellular connection when it won’t connect?

If on a cellular connection, did you make the necessary changes for remote access?

Having the exact same issue, and I’m on wifi :frowning:

Can you expand on your issue?

Can you access the Frontend via a wired/wifi computer on your network?

Can you access the front end on your phone when connected to wifi?

Can you access the front end on your phone when on a cellular connection?

For each of the above, what address are you utilizing?

I have the same issue. I have set up duckdns and let’s encrypt. I can connect from an external network from my computer and iphone via “”. I see no issue there. This link does not work within my network. Instead I can connect internally from my computer with “https://internal-ip-address:8123”, however when I try to access hassio on my phone from within my network with the internal address, I enter my password as usual, the login screen loads for a while, then spits me right back to the login. I am unable to login. It is odd that I can access hassio from the computer but not the phone. I’m not sure what to make of it

if you use let’s encrypt and have put base_url: in your configuration.yaml some have included the port in base_url and some didn’t.

Mainly HA use 8123. let’s encrypt use 443. So from external you might type from internal you might type

router config external 443 internal 8123 / also internal 8123 external 8123

Whether you access from internal or external network by phone or laptop or pc. put the same as what you put according to base_url in configuration.yaml

Unfortunately my router won’t let me forward 443 > 8123 so I just have 8123 > 8123 and access hassio with :8123 always. Like I said, I can access the site from my phone from both the internal and external network, I just can’t log in… :frowning: There are no issues with logging in externally and internally from my computer via the same url/ip address. It seems to be something about connecting from the phone. I have tried both the safari and chrome apps.

I use chrome browser to login to my HA.

and I have add in configuration.yaml
javascript_version: auto