Can badges support variable ?

i store the ha version in a variable, and can compare with new version to decided show this badges or not in filter . but now I only change the value manually.

- type: entity-filter
- entity: sensor.hazui_xin_ban_ben_hao
- operator: ‘!=’
value: 2021.12.8 (can badges support variable?)

I don’t know the answer of your question, but if you just want to show if there is a newer version of your local one, there is a specific updater badge for this.

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I mean, if badge’s filter function can support variables, I don’t have to manually modify the value of value every time

Back to my original question, if you intent to show a badge if there is a new version of home assistant, you don’t have to worry about variables etc, just use updater badge which reads your local version and checks against latest one.

How to do this (or config): “use badge to reads local version ?”

badges do not support variables. Make a template sensor and display that in the frontend.

Yes,I know, now i already to like this. but i want compare with the official version, when have new one , then display the badges.

binary sensor updater.

oo thankyou 。。。