Can be installed on Synology DS223J?

I wonder whether home assistant can be installed on Synology DS223J as some of the characteristics seem a bit short: physical memory 1GB.

Thanks for information

I think you can install it on Synology NAS, I had mine installed on Synology 220+ with docker.

The Synology “j” models do not use Intel processors, at least the last time that I looked. You would need a “plus” model, which is more expensive than the entry-level “j” models…

No, you can’t, since neither Docker nur Virtual Manager are available on the J-Series. You must have a Plus-Model (x86-based Models) for that to work.

Although I haven’t tried installing Home Assistant on my DS223j, there is a Container Manager that seems to work on the device:

Not sure about the other constraints mentioned above, though.

I essentially bricked my old “j” model by trying to force a docker install, getting locked out of many parts of the management interface and unable to add/remove packages. I wouldn’t do that ever again.

If you don’t want to go the Raspberry Pi route like many others do for HA, get a Synology “plus” model and make sure to add some extra RAM. Also, you will want to run the full HAOS VMware virtual machine image under Synology VMM (or native on a Pi) for many of the common/useful features to be available. The HA Docker package only provides a bare minimum install.

One PITA with VMM on my DS918+ is that the USB port must be manually re-attached to the virtual machine whenever the NAS reboots or the VM is started cold after a shutdown. Don’t know if this was fixed in DSM7, but it is an annoyance in DSM6…