Can Bixby be used with Home Assistant?

Maybe I just haven’t spotted it yet, but can bixby be used with HA?

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I don’t think anyone thinks it would be that useful. Bixby is such a stepchild of Google Assistant and Google hubs etc… it’s sort of not worth investing in.

What advantage do you see in integrating it?

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I haven’t looked at Bixby much. But I took a quick look a while ago and it looked much more powerful than I gathered by reading people’s opinion. So I thought I would play with it a while if there were an integration for it. And it is already on the phone and available at a button press. I looked briefly at Google Assistant and it looked too complex. So many options that it was hard to find what all the options were. I settled on Alexa for use with HA and a new Microwave we just got recently. I generally like Alexa voice automation and it works with a PC in the kitchen so I don’t have to buy more hardware.

If I weren’t retired (and tired) of programming, I’d make an interface myself. Just to see what is involved.

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I’m actually wanting to do this too. :slight_smile: