Can Browser Mod Pop-Up Images?

Trying to determine whether Browser Mod can send a pop-up image to a device. I have an automation that sends a camera snapshot from a Config subfolder to Android TVs, but would also like to target some Android tablets.

Clearly I had to re-read the docs. I now have this in an automation, popping-up on all Browser Mod-assigned devices, side-by-side 2 cameras for 20 seconds:

service: browser_mod.popup
  large: true
  size: wide
  auto_close: true
  timeout: 20000
    type: horizontal-stack
      - show_state: false
        show_name: false
        camera_view: auto
        type: picture-entity
        entity: camera.north_driveway
      - type: picture-entity
        entity: camera.north_landing
        show_state: false
        show_name: false
        camera_view: live

Can’t thank you enough for this. Was able to adjust it for all my needs.