Can BTicino's smart switches work in a non-connected manner?

Hello all, long time worker here!
Does anybody know if BTicino’s connected switches can be essentially disconnected and work as if they are in a traditional, non-connected system?
Asking because I am working on our smart lights and we have 36 of these switches and I don’t want to have them activated in a specific room at first, but will have them activated in future.

I understand that every switch is actively listening for pings from the gateway, but I can’t find any information in their manuals if this specific thing can be turned off.


The only real way to turn stuff like that off is using a firewall rule of some sort so that when they try, they are blocked. Otherwise, no matter what they say, they will have clever ways of getting out.

Hey, thanks for answering!

My question was more in terms - make it so no radio waves come out of the switch if it’s used in non-connected mode. Like, literally make it dumb on a hardware level. Nothing in and out except electricity from the mains.

None of them do that unless you go in and cut the wire off the antenna, and then they will still try.

You are better off to let them phone home and ignore it, or firewall them so they only talk to your router and are blocked beyond.

I was a bit worried into wiring the whole apartment, because it’s a pretty small one and by the looks of it we will have 36 of these (every switch). Wondering if having them on all the time won’t have any effect on sleep and etc.
We have a small kid and I am a bit worried about her…

I know that wi fi routers use the same frequency, but still, 36 different devices raised a flag in my head…