CAN Bus ESPHome component seems to be dropping frames

I have been using the CAN Bus component for over 1 year now. With different ESP32s and with different CAN transceivers like MCP2515 , TJA1050 and SN65HVD230.

All seems good but I am now looking at frames that are in a sequence and it seems some of the frames are always missing. They seemed to be dropped.

For single Frames one would not notice if a few frames did not arrive but when they are in a sequence it is very noticeable.

There are no errors.
I see the github page does not allow issues so where do I go to get this resolved??

I am catching all frames.

  - platform: esp32_can
    tx_pin: GPIO18
    rx_pin: GPIO19
    can_id: 0
    use_extended_id: True
    bit_rate: 250kbps
    - can_id: 0
      use_extended_id: True
      can_id_mask: 0  
      - lambda: |-