Can change SSID affect settings of device and entities in HA

I would like change WiFi SSID of my Xiaomi devices (humidifier, vacuum cleaner, etc.). Will it affect the devices and entities in HA? I have some automations and I would hate to lose them.

If reset my Xiaomi vac a few times and it’s been fine. I’m guessing they will get keeping the fixed IP address’s you currently have assigned to them?

Worst case scenario is that you edit the entity_id's after any possible changes.

How can I assign fixed IP to cleaner?

Map a fixed IP address to it’s MAC address in your Router. (ideally you should do this for all your smart home devices)

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Is possible that my unifi do that automatically? Is what you talk about it?

Automatically. No. But UniFi ABSOLUTELY can do it.

Under settings for a client in your UniFi app:

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