Can Duck DNS run 2 different instances of HA?

I have Duck DNS set up on an older instance of HA and it works fine. Can I just use that same address on my phone and home computer to login to a different, new instance of HA or do I need to totally redo Duck DNS and get a new address for the new one? I’m just afraid of mucking up my old good HA install trying to get the new one to work.


Not an expert here, but I suppose if you used (and forwarded) different ports for each instance it would work.

Reverse proxy makes this work as well

Reverse proxy?

Like nginx

Ok, I will look into it tomorrow, but at first glance it looks like a pay service. Was trying to stay free if possible. Will also learn how to forward different ports as well.


Nginx is open source and free . They have a paid (enterprise support) version i guess

Apache is another open source option
Both are daunting to setup but are useful to those that need it

Traefik is another option that others say is much easier and may have UI. Port opening is easiest of them all.

Well it looks like I will not need both instances of DUCK DNS. I should be able to get by with 1 now. Thank you all for the support and suggestions.