Can EspHome devices be reused after HA crash/reinstall

Fist of all im new to this forum, programing, Raspberry pi and so on. So bear with me.

Im running HASS.IO on a Raspberry pi 3b+
And yesterday i wanted to upgrade to the newest version. It´s only a few weeks since last update but i did it anyhow.

After update i wasn’t able to login again bud i did have acces to the files by the Samba add-on. I kind of panicked and tried a reboot… Yes bad idea.
Now nothing Works

I have now made a new installation. The system can find my EspHome devices but i can not open the devices and make changes.

Is there a way to reintegrate my devices so i once again can see them and make changes directly in the GUI ?

Thanks a lot

BTW. I still have the old “crashed” SD card… maybe there’s a way to grab files/info i need form there?

Did you put your esphome yaml files into the new installation?

no i did not. And i didn’t do that on my first installation either.
I just installed EspHome by the add-on store


yes, they work, but if you haven’t saved the yaml files you will have to rewrite them :confused:

Damn… Is there no way to retract the YAML file ?

I don’t think so…
It is compiled before sending to the modules…

No snapshot ?

I have the old SD card, but if this contains a snapshot i do not know… My skills are limited :wink:

If you haven’t done Snapshot there won’t be one.
On the other hand (sorry … Deepl traduction … I’m not sure !) in the esphome folder the yaml files will be there

But you must have linux system to read your sdcard …

I now managed to get a linux machine up and running and i´m now trying to se if i can find the esphome folder :smiley:

Problem solved.

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Here :wink:

Oups … Cross post !

Now get snapshots set up and copy them off the SD card regularly. Daily at least.