Can Google Home resume playing audio after a local HA MP3 is played?

So I have a bunch of Aqara door and window sensors connected via MQTT. When one of those is triggered while the system isn’t “armed” I play a 1 second local MP3 with Media Player on HA on all of the Google Home Speakers. The problem is, if someone is listening to Spotify/Tunein etc. the stream doesn’t resume on the Google Home after the local HA MP3 is played. Is there a way that I can only temporarily interrupt the stream and have it continue playing once the MP3 has played?

I don’t know of a way to get the previous music to resume but a way around it is to use the Broadcast function as this automatically goes back to the previous audio after an announcement.

Assistant Relay is what you want.

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That will work perfectly. I’ll give it a try tomorrow. Thanks a lot.

So another question. I’m guessing I’m not able to skip the broadcast sound and “Broadcast from Username” message that happens before the MP3 I’m playing can I?

I don’t think so. I created a Google user called ‘Home’ so that the broadcast says ‘Broadcast from Home…’ which kinda sounds right given that it is coming from my home automation.