Can groups.yaml be combined with Lovelace cards

I’d like to add a graph to groups.yaml. Is it possible? Can I create a lovelace card and add it to a group view?

No groups.yaml is for configuring groups, not Lovelace graphs.

What do you mean by “group view”?

Thanks - In groups you can define view that result in tabs (see below).

So if I understand it correctly, I cannot create a lovelace graph and add that to one of the groups (such as example group/view), to be displayed.

 view: yes
 icon: mdi:thermostat
   - climate.my_ecobee
   - sensor.bedroom_temperature_measurement

Groups no longer work like that.

There is no view option. That is now handled by your Lovelace configuration.

You can add a history graph card to a Lovelace view.

Unless you are running a very old version of home assistant?

Thanks - I am on a recent version, but never got to move away from groups.yaml.

BTW, groups still understand the ‘View’ keyword. It organizes groups in tabs and groups on the screen. Seems it would be beneficial to migrate to Lovelace.

The only valid options are listed here:

name string(Optional)
Name of the group.

entities listRequired
Array or comma delimited string, list of entities to group.

all boolean(Optional, default: false)
Set this to true if the group state should only turn on if all grouped entities are on .

icon string(Optional)
The icon that shows in the front end.

This was changed in 0.107:

Groups - Groups are NOT being removed, but the configuration options, services, and service options related to the (previously deprecated and now removed) States UI are now removed in this release. This includes:

  • The view and control configuration options for a group.
  • The group.set_visibility service call
  • The control , visible , view options on the group.set service call

For good or bad, there was a conscious choice to develop Lovelace’s own view definition and editing scheme independent of groups. You can suggest your idea in the Feature requests category.

Thanks, I probably will bite the bullet and upgrade (I am on 0.104.3). I already expect moving up to a release is major work and will break various things.