Can HA open a Webpage, change a value and click "save"?

Hi guys,

I have a heating system that has a local Webfrontend. I can change parameters (e.g. Temperature, Ventilation) directly on the Webpage and press “save”. Then the changes are applied.
Is there a way how HA could “open” that Webpage, insert a value in specific field/divbox and press save? Like imitating a the manual clicks I do? So I would make some HA buttons that do the stuff in the background.
I was hoping that there is a direct link where I add a value as suffix but there isnt.( e.g.
The WebFrontend is HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I tried to figure out how the value is set with Browser Inspector, but had no success. Any ideas?

How the interface looks like:

You might want to try inspecting the Network traffic from that page, you should see a POST going out when you hit the save button. You might be able to make that call directly from HA using the REST integration.

Try “App Daemon” AddOn and Python Selenium library …

but never tried it by myself,


I know this topic has been dead for a while, but did you ever manage to get this working?
I have a similar problem and it would help me a lot. Thanks!

No, I finally invested some time to understand Registers and accessed my heating system via interface.

Ok, thank you though for the reply :slight_smile: