Can HA restart an Android tablet?

I have a few Android tablets (Lenovo M10) around my house. They all have the HA companion app on them but use Fully Kiosk to display my dashboards. Some of them start to get slow after a week or so. I’d like to reboot the tablet each night at 3am. Is this something that HA can do with an automation?

You could try using an Android app such as Llamalab Automate. There is an integration, so you could either schedule the reboot on the tablet itself, or send a command from HA.

I was able to find a setting buried in the tablet that would automatically restart it. I’ll just use that setting.

You can specify where the automatic restart function of the tablet is located.
Thank you

In Android system go to Settings > system > schedule power on & off

In order to get fully Kiosk to start each time the tablet reboots you need to turn on “launch on boot”

Settings > device management > launch on boot

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