Can HA use my Google Voice to call my cellphone?

currently i get Telegram notifications to my phone. sometimes i dont hear the notifications though because it’s too…polite. is there a way to get HA to connect o my Google Voice account so that GV will dial my cellphone? i dont need to hear anything when i pick up (although that would be nice, like “your house is on fire, triggered by First Alert unit 1”). i just want to get a call from my GV and then i can check my Telegram.
looks this guy did it with Twilio but i prefer not to sign up with another service.

looks like Telegram can do calls too according to this: Telegram Phone Calls from HomeAssistant (with Voice Messages) - CallMeBot API
but when i added this piece of code into my config yaml file, i instantly get an error. is it a syntax error?

full error code when i hit save and restarted HA. oh my

Is this a paid service ?. If not then I can test the same

Edit : Safe mode ?! thats not good