Can Home Assistant Companion App ask for Prompts?

Just curious if HA currently has this functionality:

For example right now I have an automation that alerts via push notification and smart speaker if my garage door has been opened for more than X hours.

Could HA push a prompt to close instead of a notification? This way you can immediately close the door if desired.

Certainly. Check out
Actionable Notifications | Home Assistant Companion Docs (

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Thank you, is there a way to use the UI to build this automation? Or restricted to yaml files?

Edit: Or maybe I should just learn to use node-red. I installed it but its intimidating.


the notification are created through 2 automations. possible they can be combined into 1
1 notification triggers on whatever you define and sends notification to you
A second notification receives a response from the user and performs and action

Automation are created through the UI of homeassistant

Parts can be in the UI. Well, all can, but some will just be pasting yaml into the UI.

I have not used node-red. But have learned to enjoy yaml/jinja2.