Can Home Assistant control Amazon Basics switches & outlets?

I’m new to Home Assistant, but quite comfortable with network tech. I have a few Amazon switches and outlets and right now they’re controlled by Alexa and some schedules on the Amazon app. The focus of the Alexa integration seems to be providing voice control for Alexa → Home Assistant → other switches and devices. I haven’t seen information on configuring Amazon devices to be controlled by Home Assistant. Is that possible with current integrations? Can I go Home Assistant → Amazon switch / device?

as far as I know that’s not possible.

You can only have Alexa control HA devices but HA can’t control Alexa devices. it’s a one way street.

But have you tried removing the devices from Alexa and integrating them with HA instead?

Thank you for the quick response!

Removing the devices and integrating them with HA sounds like what I want to do. I’ll look into that.


Did you ever find anymore out about this? I just bought a bunch of Amazon Basics dimmers assuming that they would be compatible with Home Assistant so I’m looking for a solution as well.

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Sorry, @bopong I haven’t got a good resolution for this. Right now I’ve got some Alexa controlled switches and outlets and some HA controlled outlets.

I’m considering removing the Amazon Basic switches & outlets and replacing them with tuya compatible devices, since I’ve got localtuya integration working with the few outlets that are HA controlled. One consideration is getting switches that have UL / CSA certification. Not all switches have that.